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Offer > Advertising material > POSTER-UP
Poster-UP - exhibition material manufactured by the KURSOR Horodeńscy, consisting aluminium cassette, coiled printout on banner in cassette and bail supporting printout after rolling it up from cassette. The Poster-UP advantage is very quick arrangement graphic art. Graphic print is made with durable solvent ink and printout banner is additionally safe with laminate coat, which protects printout before fading and absorption moisture from environment. Cassette with printout is packed up in convenient forwarding bag. Different names of this product, stepping out in trade this banner-up, roll-up, roll-banner, pop-up banner.
Poster-UPs of  KURSOR Horodeńscy are avialible in two different widths of material with graphics: 90,5 cm and 120 cm. Complete height of rolled up graphics and standing cassette is 222 cm (printout visible area - 195 cm).



Poster-UP KURSOR Horodeńscy Sp. j. Lewkowo - Poster-UP  
Kursor 2014
KURSOR Horodeńscy Sp. J.    
ul. Octowa 2B l 15-399 Białystok    

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